Goddess Guide To Release Stress

The most popular question we get asked is, "how do I use essential oils for stress?" So I am breaking it down for you & I have even added a ritual & prayer I do when I am feeling extra stressed, overwhelmed & anxious & need extra support. 


What you will need;

  1. Our Inner Peace Essential Oil Blend 
  2. A quiet, cozy space if possible 
  3. Grab yourself a tea
  4. Journal & Pen


Here is a breakdown of how to apply the oil.  

oils for stress


Now let's jump in & follow the steps below.

how to use essential oils

Now take your journal & make note of anything that came up for you.
How can you add more peace into your day?
What chaos in our life needs to be removed or rearranged?
How do you feel after taking a few minuted to relax and ground yourself?

Need extra help? Below is a prayer I love to use to help me when I can't find my way & need extra support. 

natural essential oils

Here is a breakdown of the essential oils found in our Inner Peace blend. Doesn't this sound yummy?

oils for anxiety

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xoxo - KM