Goddess Guide for PMS Relief

Suffering from PMS Cramps & Mood Swings?!?! 

It freaking sucks, A LOT.

We know.

So here is our guide on how to use our Balance & Flow - Hormonal Support Blend when your pms~ing. 

Here is what our blend consists of that we find is most effective. 

hormonal balance

Now, lets go over where on your body to apply this oil blend. 

essential oil for pms cramps

 What do you do after you apply the oil?? 

Here is the good part. You literally don't need to do anything since the oils are being absorbed through your skin & into your blood stream. However, we recommend if you have time to relax and connect in with your body to do so.

So if your feeling;

Moody: Take a few deep breath & smell your wrists (after applying the oil blend on them). Relax your shoulders & keep breathing. Emotions is "energy in motion" so next is helping your moody energy move through your body in one or all of the following ways. Choose whichever calls to you;
- dance party
- shake your body out & stomp it out
- journal out your feelings
- go walk out in nature
Just MOVE.

PMS Cramps: After applying the oils, get nice & cozy on your bed & put a pillow under your legs so they are elevated. Close your eyes & take a few deep breaths. Now place one hand on your heart & one hand on your womb space. Drop your awareness into your body & connect in. Become aware of where you are holding any tension & ask your body to relax. You can start from the top of your head & move your way down to your toes.

There is so much divinity flowing through your body right now. Honor the process. Honor yourself & everything your feeling. Many times I personally feel like cramps are my bodies way of crying for me to slow down & pay attention. Think of this as your bodies time to release what no longer serves you. You can also do this with your mental / emotional / spiritual / physical life too.

Releasing & clearing is a perfect way to make space for new blessings & creations to flow through. Just because you won't be creating a baby this time around doesn't mean you can't use your yoni power to manifest & create an amazing life!!

Bonus Tip: Make a list of everything you want to release during this time & then burn it. Now sit & allow yourself to feel into what you really want to create in your life next. Dream. Explore. Be Curious. Play.

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