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Amplify & Magnetize Blend - 10mL Essential Oil Roll-On

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Read to fire up your energy?

As you breathe into your body becoming fully present, you can feel the beautiful, bright light within you beaming. You are full of joy, creativity, & passion. This blend is here to support you and help you completely amplify the very essence of who you are and how you show up in the world. This beautiful blend will also help you magnetize your intentions and draw in exactly what you desire. Together this blend will help you move forward with confidence so that you can amplify & magnetize your deepest desires now!

Use your Amplify & Magnetize Essential Oil Roll-On on your wrist & neck to turn up the heat on your goddess energy Amplify & Magnetize!

Amplify & Magnetize Blend Intention 

Essential Oils: 

Patchouli Essential Oil for helping the body become fully present & appreciate your own magnificence
Rose Essential Oil* to help you relax, feel connected, & supported by the divine
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil* to support you in releasing everything that no longer serves you & help you tap into joy
Jasmine Essential Oil* for love, beauty, & passion
Orange Essential Oil inspires creativity, joy, & self worth
Cinnamon Essential Oil* to help you release control & ignite your flame of passion
Vanilla Essential Oil* for revitalizing your energy, brings happiness & bliss
Melissa Essential Oil to bring forth your inner light & remind you of who you truly are
Bergamont Essential Oil opens you up to self acceptance, confidence, & unconditional love

*Essential Oils are considered aphrodisiacs & also help you feel turned on & magnetic


Orange Peel inspires creativity, joy, & self worth
Jasmine Flowers for love, beauty, & passion 
Rose Petals to connect into divine love, softens the heart with compassion, warmth & grace

Made with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils & Organic Botanicals 

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