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Balance & Flow Blend - 10mL Essential Oil Roll-On

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Do you feel stuck on an emotional roller coaster?

Our Balance and Flow blend was created with the intention to help you and your hormones stay in that beautiful balance and flow your body was designed to be in.

So often when our hormones are out of balance, it affects every other area of our lives as well, and as women making sure we have the right amount of balance and flow is essential to living our very best life!

Use your Balance and Flow blend daily to maintain proper hormonal balance and twice a day during as needed leading up to and during your cycle.

Balance & Flow Blend Intention
An everyday hormonal balancing blend for women. 

Essential Oils:

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for emotional & hormonal balance.
Clary Sage Essential Oil for estrogen balance, PMS & pre-menopause support. Also supports the mind in remaining open to new ideas to flow in.
Clove Essential Oil for hormonal balance. It also supports in establishing clear boundaries to for a more balance life.
Rosemary Essential Oil helps to regulate your menstrual cycle. It also supports you in tapping into your bodies inner wisdom & transition through the different phases of your cycle physically & emotionally.
Fennel Essential Oil supports with hormonal balance, eases PMS symptoms & helps to re-establish a strong connection to your body.
Lavender Essential Oil supports emotional balance, pre-menopause & releasing tension in your body.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil help with releasing pain & promotes wellness.
Grapefruit Essential Oil for balancing the mind & honoring the physical body.


Purple Malva Flowers to soften the heart & open up to peace
Lavender Flowers to support emotional balance, pre-menopause & releasing tension in your body.
Grapefruit Peel for balancing the mind & honoring the physical body