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Amplify & Magnetize Blend - 10mL Essential Oil Roll-On

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Tired of feeling unsatisfied?

Do you want to reignite your spark of passion & feel turned on by life? Our Amplify & Magnetize blend is perfect for you.

You can use this oil blend in two ways;

1. Date Night - Want to feel magnetic & turn your sexual fire on HIGH? Rub this aphrodisiac blend on your wrist, neck & lower tummy to feel your fire ignite & watch your lover be drawn into you. 

2. Manifesting - Do you have goals you want to manifest? Become a magnet to your desires. Rub this blend on your heart & lower tummy while you do your manifesting work - journaling, meditating, affirmations etc. Then lean back & watch your desires show up for you.  


Essential Oils: 

Patchouli Essential Oil for helping the body become fully present & appreciate your own magnificence
Rose Essential Oil* to help you relax, feel connected, & supported by the divine
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil* to support you in releasing everything that no longer serves you & help you tap into joy
Jasmine Essential Oil* for love, beauty, & passion
Orange Essential Oil inspires creativity, joy, & self worth
Cinnamon Essential Oil* to help you release control & ignite your flame of passion
Vanilla Essential Oil* for revitalizing your energy, brings happiness & bliss
Melissa Essential Oil to bring forth your inner light & remind you of who you truly are
Bergamont Essential Oil opens you up to self acceptance, confidence, & unconditional love

*Essential Oils are considered aphrodisiacs & also help you feel turned on & magnetic


Orange Peel inspires creativity, joy, & self worth
Jasmine Flowers for love, beauty, & passion 
Rose Petals to connect into divine love, softens the heart with compassion, warmth & grace

Made with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils & Organic Botanicals 

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