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Balance & Flow Blend - 10mL Essential Oil Roll-On

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Are you suffering from bad PMS? Cramps & back pain got you next level moody?

This blend will help melt away cramps, back pain & put your mood back in check within minutes of rubbing it on. 

Our Balance and Flow blend was created with the intention to help you before & during your period. 

This blend works in two ways; 

1. You can use this blend before you get your period, when you feel moody, to help balance out your hormones. Rub oil blend on your wrist & chest to support you during this time.

2. You can use this blend when you get your period & have bad cramps & lower back pain. You can rub this oil blend on your lower tummy & on your lower back to ease your cramps & lower back pain. Apply as often as needed.

Essential Oils:

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for emotional & hormonal balance.
Clary Sage Essential Oil for estrogen balance, PMS & pre-menopause support. Also supports the mind in remaining open to new ideas to flow in.
Clove Essential Oil for hormonal balance. It also supports in establishing clear boundaries to for a more balance life.
Rosemary Essential Oil helps to regulate your menstrual cycle. It also supports you in tapping into your bodies inner wisdom & transition through the different phases of your cycle physically & emotionally.
Fennel Essential Oil supports with hormonal balance, eases PMS symptoms & helps to re-establish a strong connection to your body.
Lavender Essential Oil supports emotional balance, pre-menopause & releasing tension in your body.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil help with releasing pain & promotes wellness.
Grapefruit Essential Oil for balancing the mind & honoring the physical body.


Purple Malva Flowers to soften the heart & open up to peace
Lavender Flowers to support emotional balance, pre-menopause & releasing tension in your body.
Grapefruit Peel for balancing the mind & honoring the physical body