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Inner Peace Blend - 10mL Essential Oil Roll-On

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Do you feel overwhelmed & stressed out? Major tension in your shoulders & neck? 

Yup! It's time to take a deep breath & relax with our Inner Peace blend. It will help you gently come into a calm, grounded place.

Essential Oils: 

Lavender Essential Oil for calming insecurities, releasing tension & prompt confidence to express yourself & speak your truth
Chamomile Essential Oil to help you relax to feel connected & supported by the divine
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to support you in releasing everything that no longer serves you & help you tap into joy
Geranium Essential Oil for trust


Calendula Petals to bring you joy
Chamomile Flowers  to help you relax to feel connected & supported by the divine
Lavender Flowers to embody peacefulness & confidence in expressing yourself 
Rose Petals to connect into divine love, softens the heart with compassion, warmth, & grace

Made with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils & Organic Botanicals 

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