Bath Salt Blend With Rose Petals
Radiance Bath Salt Blend

Radiance Bath Salt Blend

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You are beautiful.

You are gorgeous.

You are absolutely RADIANT.

Allow yourself to let that beautiful radiance within shine for the whole world to see.

The world needs your radiance in order to grow and flourish.

Tap into your heart’s desires and gently open up even more so you can receive ALL that is waiting for you.

ALL that is ready to flow to you now.

Your radiance is a magnet as it gently calls in your every desire.

Our Radiance bath blend can be used as often as you’d like.

Soak in this beautiful blend and feel the beautiful radiance shine from within.

You are filled with divine love and light.

Your essence freely radiates out into the world as you fully nourish yourself from the inside out.

Radiance Blend Salt Blend Intention  

Pink Himalayan Bath Salts for releasing tension
Calendula Petals to help you open up to receiving abundance, energizing you, & bring you joy
Chamomile Flowers to help you relax, tap into your purpose while feeling connected & supported by the divine 
Lavender Flowers to embody peacefulness & confidence in expressing yourself 
Rose Petals to connect into divine love, softens the heart with compassion, warmth & grace

All blends are made with 100% Organic flowers.